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Marketing Presentation Questionnaire

  • * These will be the different package amounts your sponsor chooses from which determines the size of logo they receive on your car and additional marketing benefits. The sum of these packages should be relatively similar to your overall budget. Pro tip - always aim lower and sell more packages rather than aiming higher and potentially losing the deal.
  • (Explain the specific locations of each sponsor. Example: #1 – the large area on top of the hood. Feel free to say things like, “Where the Ice Cream Shop sticker is on my car currently, photo attached.”)
  • Include links for any TV, Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Podcast, or other appearances you've had.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 100 MB.
      Photos to attach: Driver headshot, photos of driver outside of the car, photos of the driver in the car, photos of the car off the track and on, photos away from the track (family, sports, hobbies, etc.), any other good photos you’d like to include, the higher the resolution the better.