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Here at YRA, we are all volunteers that allocate portions of our free time to helping new families get started in racing. YRA’s goal is to help direct families to local tracks in their areas, but we do not have opportunities through YRA for kids to sign up to race. We also do not provide cars/equipment. The average cost of getting involved in youth racing is $5K, which allows you to own your own equipment and sell it when you are finished. If purchasing a racecar is outside of your family’s budget, we recommend getting involved in a local youth karting track such as K1, Pole Position, etc. If you’re interested in buying a car and racing competitively, we recommend checking out our page that explains the different kinds of youth racing, along with our interactive map to find tracks in your area. If you review these materials and are interested in working one on one with a YRA volunteer to help you purchase a car, discounted safety gear, trailers/equipment, etc., we are more than happy to meet one on one until all your goals are met and your child is turning laps. The cost of this is $5, simply to ensure that we are scheduling with families who are committed and truly interested in getting involved in youth motorsports. Please fill out the form below to sign up for this program.

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